Congresbury Community Pre-school is a Registered Charity, run by a Committee of parents and volunteers.  It is independent of St Andrews School though we work very closely with the school.


Aims of Congresbury Community Pre-school:


The Pre-school adheres to the aims of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, to promote the intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional development of pre-school children by:


  • creating a caring and happy atmosphere where each child is valued, their needs recognised and their confidence and independence allowed to develop in a safe and stimulating environment;


  • providing qualified staff who recognise that the development of children’s language is of prime importance, and who facilitate that development through engaging the child in conversation, directing their activities and joining in their play situations;


  • providing structured activities so that ‘learning through play’ is successful and progressive, developing children’s concentration and abilities;


  • allowing the freedom to discover and to learn from mistakes;


  • enabling choice and decision making;


  • involving parents and carers and valuing their contribution; and


  • adhering to the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Spaces available from January 2019 !

Due to extending our provision in 2017 we now have spaces for 2,3 and 4 year olds and can offer the following:


  • extended opening hours  from 8am - 6pm Monday -Friday.

  • 15 hours funded childcare for    eligible 2 year olds.

  • 15 hours funded childcare  for all 3 year olds.

  • plus eligible 3 year olds can receive an additional 15 hours funded childcare per week (making 30 hours in total) 

  • we also offer fee paying sessions  for those children who need extra sessions and/or wrap around care .                                  



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