About Us

Congresbury Community Preschool started life in a village hall back in 1991, initiated and run by parents.  Today we are a Registered Charity and a not for profit preschool, located on St Andrews School site.  We run two provisions, one that caters for our younger children (aged 2-3years old) in a prefabricated building and a second provision for the older preschool children located inside St Andrews School.  Both are managed by a committee consisting of parents and volunteers.   Community involvement has been crucial to our growth and success.  Parents and the wider community have raised substantial funds over the years to replace the initial building and have subsequently expanded to what we have today.  As legislation has altered so too has the nature of the preschool whilst maintaining its original community-minded ethos.

Our ethos acknowledges the importance of the early years of a child’s life and recognises the need for children to feel safe and secure to enable them to fulfil their potential.  We do this by supporting children to make secure attachments and provide them with a nurturing, fun environment in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 

Upcoming events:
World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day on 5th March this year we are asking the children if they would like to come in dressed up as characters all week. Do they have a favourite book they would like to bring in to share??

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